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The text ‘hello stranger”


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Ever heard the saying “Friendship is a two way street” well yea! it takes an effort from both people to make a friendship work or even last.

“I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. …I’ll be there for you like, like I’ve been there before…I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too”

I find it rather interesting how some people hardly ever call or text you except when you call or text and when you just happen to forget to call or text for a couple of days…weeks…They’ll send you a text saying ‘Hello Stranger’.

Every relationship…Friendship, intimate…or whatever, needs nurturing.

Someone said some people are ‘backup friends”….LOL!!! Do people really have ‘backup friends’..

At the same time, you probably have heard the saying ‘real friends are those that can not talk for a long time but when they eventually do they pick up from where they left off like they never were separated” So for real friends you might be separated by distance, or be so busy but when you do have time to hang out, see each other, call or text…It’s like you never took a break..

Well just like it says in John 10:14 “I know mine and mine know me”.. I say “You know your real friends and your real friends know you” Your real friends don’t just take but also give and you also don’t just take, but you also give. Distance or time does not destroy a true friendship. True friendship is well nurtured by both parties.

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Studying for the MCAT


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Many dread the MCAT exam but if your goal is medical school then you just have to take the exam. That’s one hurdle you just have to jump and can’t avoid.

You are not alone! I also have this exam to take very soon!

There is no best time to start preparing yourself for this exam, than now! Even if you are going to take it late next year, start preparing now. Talk to others who have taken the exam. You can also enroll in one of the prep classes.

Practice as they say makes practice! practice! practice! Try pacing and timing yourself. Remember you don’t have all the time in the world on that day to take the exam. Know your strength and weaknesses now so you can start working on the weaknesses.

Here are some other things to help with your studying…

Everyone is now tech savvy and there are different MCAT apps you can download…

Have I tried using some of these? Yes! and you should to!


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What a joy it is to be loved by you


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I have a confession to make! A friend sent me the link and I have listened to this song on my phone about 5 times today! Yes! there I said it. I love the video too. LOL!


By the way I suggest you check out other songs from his album “Open Invitation”…there are other nice songs on the album. Download the album! Buy the album…HEHE!!

Anyways I’ll continue singing “I feel like I can conquer the world with you by my side….(singing)…You think she’s the best. You think she’s the world. Throw your hands up and say to the world…..(singing)

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Uganda and the gay community


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Yesterday was reading the news and found the article that read “Uganda set to pass anti gay legislation” Well I have some Ugandan friends so was interested in knowing what’s going on in that country. Anyways kept reading the article..

The laws that they hope to pass before end of this year are to place harsh punishments for those caught in any homosexual act. As a matter of fact, homosexuality is illegal in the country.

According to reports, the speaker Rebecca Kadaga says ‘Ugandans are demanding it” and goes on to say that such is a threat to the country’s children.

So exactly what is this harsh punishment. Well! Well!! Guess!!…………….The punishment as stated in the articles I have read is “death”.

We all have different opinions about the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender), some support them, some don’t and some are just indifferent but regardless of how we feel about members of this community, should we give them the death punishment.

Even if one uses Christianity as a justification for their disdain, doesn’t the same Christianity go against killing others…

Homosexuality is an illegal act in the country so should there be a lesser punishment or no punishment at all.

In the United States, we are each free to live our lives however we please…Heterosexual or homosexual. However the United States can’t dictate for other countries what values should be placed in each country….

To read more…check these links below

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Hold on…Doing a happy dance again…go Obama! go Obama!…..Ok now I’m done!

On November 6th 2012. Barack Obama was re-elected as the president of the United States of America.

It was a pretty close race…especially during the first few hours but finally he won again!

We all love it when President Obama comes up to give a speech and it was with great excitement that we looked forward to his Victory speech. A few excerpts from his 2012 Victory speech that I remember and loved.

  • “….We are an American Family, and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people..”
  • ‘…I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago”. Let me say this publicly, Michelle I have never loved you more” (SIGH!!! Barack and Michelle type of love…Speechless)
  • “…despite all our differences, most of us share certain hopes for America’s future”
  • “…We want our kids to grow up in a country where they have access to the best schools and the best teachers..”
  • “…I return to the White House more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead”
  • “…And together with your help and God’s grace we will continue our journey forward and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on earth. Thank you America, God Bless You. God bless the United States”


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When you go to the parks and see the little children playing on the slides, having so much fun. You know it makes you smile. Watching your kids, niece or nephew grow up healthy, hear them say their first words, see them crawling round the whole room. They soon grow older and leave for their first day at school, then high school…You know it’s such a joy to see.

Now imagine having to see a child, not being able to play freely in the park, not being able to run around with the other kids, can’t go to the movies with the other kids, can’t have those fun childish conversations with you simply because they have a mental disorder known as AUTISM. A mental disorder that affects their mental development, communication and social skills

You see, the brain is one of the most fascinating parts of the human system and also one of the most complex organs. Our brain is like a computer, can store so much information. Like every organ in our body, we all hope for it to be healthy, however just like other organs in our body system, the brain can be affected by various things becoming diseased or having a disorder.

The various diseases/disorders of the brain fall into the category of those with clear medical explanations or those with murky explanations.

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke and of cause Autism to name a few …

Autism is usually seen in the early years of a child. If you have a child, niece or nephew or know someone close who has been diagnosed with Autism…don’t lose hope on that child. A child is still a child. There are many kids today who have been diagnosed with Autism but are able to live a life almost just as normal as every other kid. Toni Braxton, the famous singer and star of Braxton Family Values has a son who was diagnosed with Autism but today this young boy runs around and has fun like every other kid, can communicate and do many other things like a regular kid. Isn’t that just amazing!

Children with Autism need attention, care, love, encouragement and most of all you need to educate yourself on this mental disorder and also get assistance when and if needed.

There are various organizations, foundations and centers that provide information and assistance for children with autism as well as their families. Also has ways interested people can get involved with helping others with autism.

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Medical School?


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Everyone has a dream! Everyone has a passion! Everyone has a goal!

And to achieve them, we need to do that which is needed to make it a reality.

If your dream is to be a medical doctor. Your passion is to help and treat others. Your goal is to be a successful doctor…You’ve got to start somewhere and I hope you have already started.

Talk to those who already went through it…Those who are currently going through it…Do necessary research…know your schools of choice….do some research about the specific field you might be interested in..

Applying to Medical School.

Taking the MCAT exam

You can also download some phone apps for the MCAT…I currently have a few on my phone. Apart from the typical book in front of you or sitting in front of the computer way of studying, you can also work on a few MCAT questions, problems with solutions on your phone…On the Go!

Be informed on the right process! Get on the right path!

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The “city that never sleeps” was made to sleep


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The Big Apple! The City that never sleeps! Yup! That’s what New York City is fondly called. If you haven’t visited new york city, you need to.

1am..2am…3am…4am…24 hours, 7 days…There is always something to do, somewhere to go. Some restaurants and stores still open even during ‘odd hours’ of the night. There’s always still many people around. It is indeed the city that never sleeps.

BUT! On Monday October 29th, 2012. This City was made to sleep. Hurricane Sandy forced her to sleep! Streets were flooded! Power outage! Homes greatly or lightly affected!

Other islands in New York State were also badly affected!

My sympathy to those whose homes were greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy.

For those in dire need of assistance as a result of the Hurricane Sandy, contact your local areas for centers providing assistance/relief to victims of the hurricane. You can also look for your local salvation army centers, they have food and clothes to give. Check this site for locations.

The American Red Cross also has relief for victims. (

For assistance with your bills, power, and other home services don’t hesitate to call the respective companies. They are willing to assist you!

And to anyone else who can help assist Sandy victims, please do so.…Donations. Any way you can help, no matter how little. I encourage you to help/assist and God Bless you even as you do so.

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Lovely! Just Lovely!! Eva Marcille, Selita Banks, Sana Lathan and Will smith..


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Stumbled upon these beautiful dresses!! Don’t ask what I was doing…but couldn’t resist taking a second look. Oh my!

Eva Marcille always looking gorgeous..Anyways this is from the 2012 NAACP Awards. I love the pattern on the dress from top to bottom and the edges of the bottom! Nice!!

And of cause I had to keep looking and saw this one. Selita Ebanks. I love the nude color

Kept looking…lol! The beautiful Sana Lathan. I like the dress most especially because of its color…

Ah!!!!! This one right here!!!!! I LOVEEEE the plaid suit! Wink Wink!!! Will Smith Looking dashing as always at the Men in Black 3 premiere.

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