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             Victoria S Odu

She is the CEO/Co-Founder of The Glit Inc; a company that provides PR services, lifetsyle networking, wardrobe & image consulting. She is the beautiful Miss Victoria Odu.

  • Tell me a bit about yourself

My name is Victoria S. Odu. I was born and raised on the east coast in Maryland to Nigerian parents. I am the CEO/Co-Founder of The Glit Inc. PR and entertainment is my passion. Aside from PR and marketing, I also do hair, enjoy music, traveling and interior decorating.

  • How was Glit PR born?

Well the Glit PR was birthed under an umbrella company that I started in 2009 with my partner and best friend called the Glit Inc which consists of, of course the PR agency, a lifestyle networking and entertainment website (TheGlitInc.com), and a Wardrobe and Image Consulting Service.

The company was started while I was working for a film production company where I did PR. Through networking and building relationships with people in the industry, I came across several people that either were looking for PR representation or knew of someone who was looking for it. At that time my business partner and I had just decided to create The Glit Inc as a whole and it only made sense to start a PR agency under it.

  • Did your educational background prepare each of you for this?

My educational background definitely did contribute to my preparation of owning and managing The Glit PR. I got my undergrad degree in PR which gave me a lot of insight and knowledge on the field and after that, I got my MBA which helped a lot with the business aspect of it.

  • Most people shy away from working with friends, but you two started out as friends before being business partners, how has this worked out so far and how do you make this work for you both as business partners and as friends?

It was definitely challenging at times, just balancing out and learning to separate friendship from business, and agreeing on certain aspects but I think because we have that foundation as true friends, we always find our way back to a middle ground where things make sense for the both of us. We definitely had to learn each other as far as how one another works on a professional level and deals with things under pressure, etc. It definitely takes trust and a big one is compromise. I believe that any relationship whether its business or personal takes compromise, and I think that’s where we really found the balance.

  • One of the favorite projects you have worked on?

Wow…I would have to say our first. It wasn’t the easiest or best experience that’s for sure, but definitely the most memorable and meaningful project. Reason being is that it was our first, we got to learn what we don’t and do like, our strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly laugh at our mistakes and learn from them. We also bonded on another level. It was also a charity event for small business owners in this economy. That really hit home for us.

  • You are also the VP communications and PR of Rose by Vanessa Jean, what other things are you involved in and how do you handle the responsibilities of all that…including that of The Glit? What would you say are the perks and peeves for you?

I am involved in a few special event projects that will be taking place next year, of course the Glit Inc, and when I can, I still do hair along with other personal things outside of work including friend and family events. I handle the responsibilities of all of those things by prioritizing and time management. When my work load is really heavy and I am working on a major project and I know I still have a ton of other things to do, I just mentally prepare myself for no sleep. I’m used to it now. I also have an intern who is a major blessing especially when I am working on major projects.

Some of the perks of this industry are of course the VIP treatment…Lol JK. No, I would say the perks for me are traveling and meeting so many people. I love traveling and seeing different places, and expanding my network. The peeves are the long nights, and people expecting the unrealistic. But it is something that I have learned to get use to and deal with.

  • Being in the PR business requires one to constantly be up to date with current events, current trends, how do you stay current and make sure you are well informed?

Social media definitely. We are in a time where almost everything is becoming digital. Even if I am not tweeting, I still make sure I keep up with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all of the other social media sites. I have news apps on my phone that update me daily, and I also am always checking out the fashion, entertainment and PR blogs.

  • Lastly, what has changed in the field of PR and what tips do you have for anyone interested in going into public relations as well as one day having their own PR Company like you?

I think with PR the one thing that has changed is the use of social media, and the digital and technology transition. Everything is digital, people connect and network through social media networks for the most part and definitely through technology. Most things are done electronically and people communicate through email, Skype, social media etc.

To anyone looking to get into PR and owning their own business, I would say definitely, stay up to date with social media, get involved with PR groups, surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to be doing, build relationships with people, expand your network, and don’t be shy about interning and shadowing someone who’s done it before you or is currently a successful PR Professional.

I interned while in undergrad and that really helped a lot with the hands on aspect of PR and getting that experience. Constantly educate yourself. Don’t ever think you know it all or know too much about this industry. You definitely have to study this industry and that doesn’t necessarily mean going to school for it. There’s a world of knowledge about PR and owning your own business online for free. There are also a lot of PR professionals and business owners who’ve written great books that are definitely helpful.

What I found that has worked for me is keeping God at the forefront, consistently learning the new and just going for it!

   The Beautiful Victoria Odu