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Yesterday was reading the news and found the article that read “Uganda set to pass anti gay legislation” Well I have some Ugandan friends so was interested in knowing what’s going on in that country. Anyways kept reading the article..

The laws that they hope to pass before end of this year are to place harsh punishments for those caught in any homosexual act. As a matter of fact, homosexuality is illegal in the country.

According to reports, the speaker Rebecca Kadaga says ‘Ugandans are demanding it” and goes on to say that such is a threat to the country’s children.

So exactly what is this harsh punishment. Well! Well!! Guess!!…………….The punishment as stated in the articles I have read is “death”.

We all have different opinions about the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender), some support them, some don’t and some are just indifferent but regardless of how we feel about members of this community, should we give them the death punishment.

Even if one uses Christianity as a justification for their disdain, doesn’t the same Christianity go against killing others…

Homosexuality is an illegal act in the country so should there be a lesser punishment or no punishment at all.

In the United States, we are each free to live our lives however we please…Heterosexual or homosexual. However the United States can’t dictate for other countries what values should be placed in each country….

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