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Ever heard the saying “Friendship is a two way street” well yea! it takes an effort from both people to make a friendship work or even last.

“I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. …I’ll be there for you like, like I’ve been there before…I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too”

I find it rather interesting how some people hardly ever call or text you except when you call or text and when you just happen to forget to call or text for a couple of days…weeks…They’ll send you a text saying ‘Hello Stranger’.

Every relationship…Friendship, intimate…or whatever, needs nurturing.

Someone said some people are ‘backup friends”….LOL!!! Do people really have ‘backup friends’..

At the same time, you probably have heard the saying ‘real friends are those that can not talk for a long time but when they eventually do they pick up from where they left off like they never were separated” So for real friends you might be separated by distance, or be so busy but when you do have time to hang out, see each other, call or text…It’s like you never took a break..

Well just like it says in John 10:14 “I know mine and mine know me”.. I say “You know your real friends and your real friends know you” Your real friends don’t just take but also give and you also don’t just take, but you also give. Distance or time does not destroy a true friendship. True friendship is well nurtured by both parties.

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