Hi, I’m Lola Osun. I know there is still so much in life to experience and learn from…so far I’ve had some experiences I’ve learned from and I’m looking forward to learning more from life’s experiences as I get older and also from you all.

I love traveling..though not alone. I want to visit every continent in this world. I love the experience of diverse cultures but eating foods of different cultures might take a while with me.

You are very likely to find me dancing around my room. And yes I’ve got some dancing skills. : ) I like having fun..but with moderation.

Politics and I are not best friends but we are friends..lol! I don’t mind discussing politics and world issues with anyone. I enjoy watching basketball..can I get a woot! Woot!! For LA Lakers and the Miami Heats!!! and thanks to certain wonderful people in my life, I also have a thing for Soccer and football.

OK! Hold it right there….That’s all I’m telling you about me. There is more to know but you’ll get to know all that from reading my blogs and you can also visit me here as well. facebook.com/lola.osun
and on twitter @BeauOsun

Enjoy 😉


1 thought on “About”

  1. Chris K. said:

    Finally managed to make my way here. Congrats on starting your own blog…Lots of thought provoking stuff here. As you make it around the world, you better stop by Uganda, I know you enjoy our samosas…haha. And oh yeah forget the Lakers, you know the Celtics run this…hehe!!!! Keep up the good work…

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